Infograpik offers you to create your stream pack
and deliver them to you in NFT format!

What is a NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital token stored on a blockchain with its own characteristics. It is unique in nature and cannot be replaced by another.

To take a concrete example: imagine that we are the designer of Michael Jackson!
He asks us to make him a leather jacket for his concert.

Then we will know this jacket:

  • Comes from this designer
  • Was worn by Michael Jackson
  • Is unique because that was the only edition

The value of this jacket is therefore priceless! This is what happens with your stream pack when it becomes an NFT.
And if you are famous (not as much as Michael Jackson) or your agency is well known then you can resell it for a sum – we hope – greater than its purchase value.

Why would you certify your pack as NFT?

The advantages of having your design under an NFT contract are numerous:

  • Origin of the Infograpik certified token
  • Proof that you have the only edition in the world
  • A value that lasts or increases over time.
  • The possibility of reselling your pack on all NFT marketplaces. 

How does it work?

Lors de votre commande, vous nous précisez simplement si vous voulez construire vos éléments dans la perspective d’une certification NFT.
Nous vous conseillerons et construirons le pack de la manière la plus adaptée pour que votre jeton ait de la valeur.

When ordering, you simply tell us if you want to build your elements with the NFT certification.
We will advise you and build the pack in the most suitable way to make your token valuable.

Once you have validated the creations, we will sell the set to you at the agreed price via a marketplace.
You will need a Cryptocurrency wallet to purchase the pack! (we recommend the Metasmask wallet which works universally on all marketplaces).

After that you will be delivered via a secure and perpetual link and ownership of the token will be passed to you.

Should you have any question, please contact us via the form of the site !

#1 Pack creation

You create and validate your pack with us entirely.

#2 Sell the pack as “NFT”

You buy your pack via a marketplace that ensure the smart contract creation.

#3 Installation of your pack

You download your pack via a protected link. We help you to install it.

#4 Stream period

You stream with your pack for as long as you want. Your reputation and audience increase.

#5 Resell your pack

When you’ve got bored of your design or just want a change, you can resell your pack on a Marketplace for a lucky viewer or collector!

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